Accept Payments Everywhere

Accept every payment on any device or channel, and drive conversions anywhere in the world

Keeping payments simple and fast

Offer local and personalised payment methods and give your customers the flexibility to pay wherever and however they prefer.

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Easy payment gateway to accept all payments

Get everything you need to build your own personalised payment acceptance app. Enjoy simple integration, online onboarding, and dozens of features to streamline your payment acceptance solution.
Accept payments everywhere

Get global payment acceptance through our simple integrated solutions.

Multiple Channels

Accept every payment on any device or channel, and however you do business.

Getting Paid is Easy

We enable our merchants to receive payments regardless of the physical presence of the cardholder.

Secure and Safe

We adhere to complete PCI DSS standards, and our hardware possesses EMV certification.


Smart payment link that does it all

Lakoos payment link make it easier than ever for you to get paid. Create and share a link via email, SMS or social media and get paid right away. It’s easy, secure and fast.

Share payment link anywhere

Distribute links across various communication channels like Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, and email to expand your selling opportunities.

Convenient for Customers

Customers can make payments through a secure website without downloading an app or registering an account.

Monitor Transactions

Check payment status at the touch of a button. Send reminders for outstanding invoices in seconds.

Create personalised payment page

Our payment pages are the easiest way to get paid inside your own custom store. Build your brand and accept payments from around the world with zero coding required

Supports over 100 Currencies

Accept payments in over 100 different currencies.

Easy onboarding

Easy onboarding process from sign-up to your first payment.

Variety of payment methods

Accept card and alternative payment methods.


QR Code Solutions for Specific Needs

  • Create store stickers or send QR codes via your mobile device for faster payments and simple promotions.

Simple and easy integration for your existing system

We’ve built Lakoos to easily integrate seamlessly into your existing ecosystem, so you can start enjoying the benefits even faster.

Intelligent Invoicing

Generating invoices in seconds with embedded payment link

Fully mobile flexibility

Easily create and share invoices with payment links from mobile devices.

Centralised invoice manager

Manage all your invoices inside a single user-friendly dashboard

What People Say

Embed a payment link in invoices

Give your customers a more easy way to pay when you embed a payment link on your outgoing invoices.

Start sending invoices for payment