Connect and tap into Africa's Agency Banking Network


Increase your presence instantly

Empower your cash pickup and collection locations in Africa. Take your financial services directly to your customer's neighbourhood at the right time.

Saves overhead cost

Cut high overhead costs of brick-and-mortar branches while exceeding customers’ expectations.

Extension of presences

Extends the presence of financial service delivery while increasing service availability

Localised and personalised

Offers a local and personalised customer experience in preferred language, time, and channel

Do better, for more people

  • Penetrate all neighbourhood and reach more people with improved financial services.


'Payouts' and 'Payins' in Africa made easy

Improve your cross-border recipient experience by getting them paid the way they expect to be paid, and with the fastest time-to-account in emerging markets.
Cash Pickups

Deliver your wholesale money remittance orders for cash pick across the national post offices.

Bank account and mobile money

Convert and deliver payments instantly to accounts, cards, and mobile money.

FX liquidity management

Access and manage your cross-border FX cash flows and liquidity through a simple remittance API


Broaden the horizons of your financial services delivery

  • Lakoos Agency banking is innovative, convenient, and simplified — it empowers you to reach more people and offer them better services.