Request money from anyone, anywhere

There is no charge to request money. Save time by asking friends and family for money, and get paid back easily.

  • Request from Anywhere

  • Receive directly


Don't wait for money. Request it. Get paid faster

  • There is no need to wait for anyone to send you money.

  • Request money when you need it.

  • Get paid however you want in a blink.

Request and receive money in-app

  • Make your request in a click of a button. Then watch it get delivered instantly so it’s ready to be paid.

  • Monitor and track the progress of your request.

  • Get notified when you are sorted.


Faster and easier to get paid anywhere

  • We've made it easier and faster for people to pay you using their preferred local payment methods. There are no forms to complete and no worries about the delivery method. All sorted.

No Lakoos? No worries

Request and get paid by anyone, anywhere. They don’t need to have a Lakoos super-app to pay you.

Create a link

Write a personalised message for your sender, then enter the required amount. Finally, click to generate a personalised payment link made especially for your sender.

Share a link

Share your personalized payment link via an Email, SMS, chat and social media, or QR code to your sender.

Receive Money

Receive the money directly to your bank account, wallet, or card. Alternatively, you can get a code to collect the cash from your nearest ATM or agent.