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Find answers to frequently asked questions about managing money globally

No, Lakoos is not a Bank. Lakoos is an efficient way to enjoy banking and payment services, and money management, such as sending, receiving, and spending money anywhere.

Your money is perfectly safe with us. We understand the concerns behind the fact that we are not a bank in the traditional sense. However, we use safeguards from some of the world's leading financial institutions to keep your money safe and secure.

Yes, the Lakoos financial super app is for everyone. Our financial services and how you access them depends on your country of residence. We offer accounts in multiple currencies, payments, remittances, and financial tools to help you manage your money and take control of your financial freedom

Yes, you can connect and manage multiple accounts in different currencies and countries. Lakoos has partnered with financial institutions and mobile money operators around the world to bring all of your finances to the Lakoos mobile super app, so that you can watch over your money in one simple place

Living and working away from our home countries, we need more variety and total control in our banking and financial lives! But one thing is still unbalanced. Banking without borders and making our money work around our way of life is frustrating, slow, and expensive. Sadly, we’re all stuck with the same boring and bland options. No matter where you’re from or where you’re going, we commit to helping the financial lives of migrants and nomads by providing them with an easy, affordable and better way to manage, convert and move their money globally just like a local.

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