Better mobile banking alternative

A better alternative banking and payment services to make your money work for you - Your Way! Lakoos is the entire bank and money management packed in one super app


The common knowledge

There's something different with the way of financial life of people living in diaspora.

Making our money work for us

Banking at home and away without borders, and making our finances work around our way of life is frustrating, slow and expensive.

Trapped with bland banking and payment options

Sadly, migrants and nomads are all trapped with the same boring and bland banking and payment options from high street banks

What we're all about

We come from all over the world

  • Our cultures, traditions, and lifestyles bring flavour to our communities in diaspora. And just like the diversity of our communities, living and working away from our home countries need more variety and total control in our financial lives.

  • So we've built a financial super app that embraces that varieties – one that you can rely on and makes managing all your finances at one place without the borders as fast, cheap and simple as possible.


Our mission is clear and straightforward

  • No matter where you’re from or where you’re going, we commit to helping the financial lives of migrants and nomads

  • Providing an easy, affordable and better way to manage, convert, save and move money globally just like a local without the borders.

Our vision set us apart

  • We are passionate about building an all inclusive and low-cost alternative way to banking, payment and financial services managed by you and designed around your way of life and diversities


We're challenging the status quo!

  • An inclusive little mobile app built around people's financial and social life to rescues folks from the frustration of chronic bland banking experience around

We're determined and relentless

  • That’s why we’ve made it so easy to open account in over 60 currencies and move money between countries and currencies faster and cheaper


Inspired by hardworking migrant communities

Making our money work around our way of life is at the heart of our vibrant ethnic communities in the diaspora. LAKOOS super app will always keep it beating...

  • One Super App

  • Multiple Banks

  • Global accounts